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Emerging sectors and factors influencing an angel investor's decision

29th June 2020 | 03:00 PM IST


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Points of Discussion

  • Initiation When you work on something that only has the capacity to make you 5 dollars, it does not matter how much harder you work – the most you will make is 5 dollars. Number one rule. Explore the problem that has a larger market size and can be solved in a meaningful way.
  • Execution Games are won by players who focus on the playing field – not by those whose eyes are glued to the scoreboard. Rule number two : Focus on execution, don't chase valuations or fund raise.
  • Closing Rule number 3 - Time it well. Dont sell short or long. Create enough value for all the stakeholders and don't hesitate to exit when it's time.

Who Should Attend ?

  • CEOs & CFOs
  • CXOs working towards Business Strategies
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs
  • Companies looking to raise funds
  • Success-oriented Business Owners
  • Investors, VCs and Accelerators
  • Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR Professionals
  • Technology Suppliers
  • NBFCs and Micro-Finance Companies
  • Multifold Professionals and students looking to start a business

Giridhar Malpani

Angel Investor

"Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth bound misfit, I"

Pink Floyd couldn't have better described a budding entrepreneur, like Giridhar. He believes entrepreneurs aren't really misfits, they are just those who think out-of-the-box, break the protocol and do the different. As a kid, he always fancied being the misfit who made a difference, and if fortune were to favour the brave, he did excel in most opportunities that came his way in doing so.

Having interacted with several entrepreneurs, he got well acquainted with the startup ecosystem, understood several business models, key challenges & so on and so forth. And Entrepreneurs are ridiculously amazing people.. so he got very interested in being on the other side of the table and took the opportunity when it arose by raising funds for several startups and advising them, and now looking forward to an emerging career for experimenting the credentials and traits of expedite entrepreneur into a corporate office.

He is now a Private Investor and Advisor at various startups including InstaOffice and Leher.