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Revival & Survival of Indian MSMEs and Way Forward

27th June 2020 | 03:00 PM IST

Webinar Overview

The entire world is facing the largest economic disruption ever due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As a result, the Industry is facing a stand still in terms of economic development in our country. The impact of the pandemic has been across the sectors; however, the intensity is varied as per the size of the company. MSME sector, which is the steering force of country’s economy, has been the worst hit by this unprecedented scenario. The fact of the matter is that if India has to survive through this difficult time, the country needs MSMEs to sustain more than ever.

The need of the hour is to take steps to support the sustainability of MSMEs so that they can come out from the impact of pandemic and when this pandemic is over, MSMEs could start functioning in the best capacity.

Keeping this in view, BusinessEx is organising a Special session on the upcoming MSME Day through webinar to understand the current issues of MSMEs, along with initiatives and steps for revival and survival of MSME sector and way forward.

Points of Discussion

  • Being Vocal for Local
  • How to be a part of self-reliant India-Movement
  • How to get funding from MSME Loan Scheme
  • How to manage our cost for business survival
  • Differentiation between Revival and Survival
  • The existing scenario of sickness in MSME
  • Reasons for sickness
  • Existing solutions including new scheme of Subordinate Debt
  • Possible solutions
  • Request for fiscal concession

Our Experts


Rajeev Ranjan Shrivastava

Startup & MSME Strategist

Rajeev Ranjan Shrivastava is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an exceptionally talented professional. He is highly skilled in handling financial reporting, taxation and corporate finance.

With more than 11 years of industry experience Mr. Shrivastava can give valuable input in business recovery to corporate clients. Financial analysis, due diligence, financial modelling, taxation, internal audit and financial reporting are some of his favourite areas to work on and deliver the best. He is a financial advisor for many corporates and SMEs including Dalmia Bharat Group, Dolphin International Group, Max-Xpress Group etc.

Rajeev is the CEO of Digital CA, which is an online platform for all business compliances. Mission of Digital CA is to provide quality services including business strategy to all MSMEs starting from business registration. Digital CA has the deep insight into playing a strategic role by providing professional advice, aimed at maximising profitability. Digital CA is dedicated to provide services to start-ups.

Some of his services for start-ups are:

  • Business Incorporation
  • Brand Registration
  • Business Funding
  • Corporate Compliances
  • Provide Fractional CFO


Nilesh Desai

Vice President, Telangana State Confederation of Indian MSMEs

N.P. Desai a veteran entrepreneur of 39 years has earned his bachelor's degree in Metallurgy Engineering from M.S. University, Baroda in 1974. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, he started his own fabrication unit and continued with the venture for a long 39 years.

During his career he has gone through all the struggles of entrepreneur. He fell down twice in his career but picked himself back up to normality and growth.

During his career he has also revived 15 units which are still going strong. He has got extensive knowledge in MSME and also a member of multiple MSME committees and RBI. He has travelled to various foreign countries and has many business associations in Australia. His zeal towards reviving sick MSMEs made him start enterprises i.e. Smegil Consultancy Pvt Ltd and SMEA Analytics Pvt Ltd geared towards the cure and prevention of sickness in MSMEs respectively. His struggles and efforts are only for one purpose "Nurturing MSMEs to sustainability".