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Impact of COVID-19

on Retail Industry

16th April 2020 | 12:00PM IST


Webinar Overview

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Knowing What To Do Is Hard Right Now, And There Is No One Answer. COVID-19 And The Novel Corona Virus Pandemic Has Disrupted Daily Life As We Know It And Has Caused The World Economies To Freefall Into Massive Downward Spiral.

We Are Now Bringing This Informative Webinar By Our Esteemed Mentor To Help You Run Your Business In Between This Pandemic.

Let's Virtually Join Other Entrepreneurs And Business Owners Like You To Learn About Simple Yet Powerful Techniques That Deliver Results Faster Irrespective Of Your Industry/Sector.

Let's Be Honest, You May Have Attended Various Trainings, Workshops, Read Different Books, Yet Have Not Been Able To See Any Drastic Improvement. What You Need Is Not An Overload Of Information, But Specific Strategies And Insights That Would Deliver Impactful Results.

Be A Part Of This Power-packed Session To Experience The Transformation That You Need In Your Business And Your Life.

Points of Discussion

It is said the world has not seen this kind of tough times since World War II. There will be pre Covid and post covid era which will be written the the history of mankind and we need to be well prepared before the lockdown is lifted and we are back in business normally.

Learn about :-

  • Enduring Post Covid era changes in Retail industry.
  • How lives would be impacted for Retail Giant employees vs a small time retailer?
  • Sales impact and some of the things to plan immediately and for long term.
  • Understanding the current customer sentiments and how to gain trust.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Startups & Entrepreneurs
  • Success-oriented Business Owners
  • CXOs working towards Business Strategies
  • Investors, VCs & Accelerators
  • Technology Suppliers
  • Finance, Marketing, Operations & HR Professionals
Iti Rawat

Iti Rawat

Retail Experience Enhancer 3X Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker

Thinkhall Training and Consultancy and WEFT Women Entrepreneurs Foundation
Expertise: Retail / Entrepreneurship

Iti Rawat is an Ex- Apple and Ex- Nike Employee, a Motivational Speaker, an Entrepreneur and a Retail Experience Enhancer - has worked with several international and national firms on various projects for them in the Retail industry. Her company Thinkhall Training and Consultancy has recently been awarded as the TOP5 Startup for Diversity by \ivHersity Awards 2020 the second year in a row.

She also runs a Foundation firm called WEFT Women Entrepreneurs Foundation, which is helping bridge the diversity in landscape of startup ecosystem. Her company promotes more women to take up entrepreneurship and help those who are already running a business. She has been a mentor to many startup organisations. She has also seen an exit in a well funded start up called Makerpreneur India Pvt Ltd.

She has been a keynote speaker in many international conferences, a writer for expert opinion and consultations for relevant industries.

Awards and Accolades won:

  • Top 10 Speaker by SpeakIn - Asia’s largest network of speakers. ( )
  • Social Leader of the Year 2019, For WEFT by Indian Business Women Summit, in Mumbai
  • Top 5 Startup in Diversity, for Thinkhall Training and Consultancy, by Jobs for Her in 2020
  • Leader with a Purpose, by Leadership Summit and Awards in 2019, in Bangalore 2nd edition.
  • “Emerging Women Entrepreneur” interview by Link :
  • Article in the Danish Magazine ALT. ( )
  • Article in YourStory ( )